Published Articles

Los Angeles Culture and Events

Long Distance Relationship Advice

The Culinary Quest


Heavy Metal and Hamburgers - Pasadena Magazine

Croissant Jaunt to Proof Bakery Review - The Culinary Quest

Eat Your Heart Out - Pasadena Magazine

Field to Fork: First Event of the Taste -

Wildly Delicious: 10 Invasive Pests You Should Be Eating for Dinner -

18 ‘Food, Inc.’ Facts Everyone Should Know -

Events and Festivals

Culture Collide 2012 Rocks the Streets of LA -

Camella Festival - Pasadena Magazine

Snake, Rattle and Roll - Pasadena Magazine

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Night of the Alien Film Review - Good Times Weekly

Where the Wild Things Are - Pasadena Magazine

Break Up, Crack Up - Pasadena Magazine

The 10 Coolest Libraries in the World -


Chip Off the Old Block - Yerevan Magazine

Home, Health and Environment

Factory-Farmed Turkeys: 7 Shocking Facts Your Thanksgiving Bird -

Fingertip Finance - Pasadena Magazine

Gotta Be Green: Greenspace Shows Us How - Good Times Weekly

Pillow Talk - Pasadena Magazine

Embrace the Santa Cruz Challenge - Good Times Weekly

News, Education, and Social Justice

In Sandy’s Aftermath: The Animals Are (Mostly) All Right -

Teachers Unions:The 5 Strongest and 5 Weakest in America -

American Education Reform: 10 Lessons the U.S. Can Learn From Other Countries -

Guns in America: Where the 2nd Amendment Is Not Up for Discussion -

Fighting Stereotypes: 10 Photos of Military Women on the Front Lines -

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