How to Find a Table at LA’s Most Exclusive Restaurants

As the adage goes, we always want what we can’t have. That “something” is often finding a table at LA’s most exclusive restaurants. Some are members-only clandestine retreats for the rich and famous while others require a bit of chutzpah and finagling to gain entry.

Because half the fun is in the chase and the game, here are our some tips for getting into LA’s most desired, yet most elusive, dining destinations.

Wolvesmouth at the Wolvesden

Much like a real life pack of wolves, dinners at Wolvesmouth at the Wolvesden is open to only a select few. Those who want a chance to dine at this ultra-exclusive restaurant must first sign up for the mailing list on the website. Then they wait for months until the fateful day when they are one of only 10 people invited to a dinner. Each invited guest can only bring one guest to ensure that no meal exceeds the 20 person maximum capacity. Dinners are donation based and consist of Chef Craig Thornton’s nine-course tasting menu enjoyed by 18 other lucky strangers.

Magic Castle

Even though the Magic Castle has been a Los Angeles landmark since 1963, getting past those steadfast wooden doors to experience the wonders within remains one of the city’s great mysteries. There are three proven strategies to gaining admission to the Magic Castle: know a magician who is a member; attend a Smoke and Mirrors show at the Road Theatre and hope to be embarrassed on stage in exchange for an invitation; sign up for a local magician’s newsletter. The third is the easiest method because magicians will email an invitation to the Magic Castle the next time they have a show there.

Trois Mec

Following in the footsteps of fictional candy man Willy Wonka, diners hoping to score a table at Trois Mec (located inside an old Raffallo’s Pizza building) must obtain a golden ticket before they can have a seat here. Golden tickets go on sale every Friday at 8 am and sell out almost immediately. Ludo Lefebvre’s irresistible creations are worth the effort with items such as eel with white chocolate mashed potatoes, lamb tartare with buckwheat tabbouleh and any other surprising ingredients he decides to combine that evening.

Soho House

As the Los Angeles outpost of the London-based private club, SoHo House is a haven for the Hollywood creative elite. Compared to other exclusive restaurants in town, the rules for getting into SoHo House are a bit blurred. Only those who work in the entertainment industry are granted membership and all guests need to either be members or know a member to enjoy the million-dollar view from the club’s rooftop restaurant. It may sound difficult, but it can be done in the same way most things are done in Hollywood—by hanging out at the top bars and nightclubs in LA, schmoozing, networking and mingling until the right connection is made.


Ingredients are to chefs what paints are to artists—they are the inspiration and medium of expression. At Maude, celebrity chef Curtis Stone highlights a single seasonal ingredient and designs the monthly menu around it. The result is a highly localized, fresh and unique dining experience that varies with each visit. Example dinners include Fennel in March, Asparagus in April, Almond in May, Avocado in June and Chili in July. Reservations can be made over the phone Tuesday through Saturday.

Disco Dining Club

Just when we though disco was dead—or at least retired—the Disco Dining Club has brought back the funk and hedonistic attitude of the 70s with its series of secret dance parties. The location of these events may be a secret, but the food, drinks entertainment and the promise of debauchery are all disclosed beforehand. There will be lots of oysters and a four-course meal catered by a local chef, disco-inspired cocktails and locally brewed beers, music by all-vinyl DJs and a live brass band and a performance by a burlesque troupe. The Disco Dining Club posts updates and ticket information for upcoming parties on their Facebook page.

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