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Good Times Weekly Best of 2011


A local spot for frozen treats since 1958, Marianne’s has a stock of more than 70 flavors at any given time. Unique flavors include, but are not limited to, licorice, garlic and the 1020, a mouthwatering combination of caramel ice cream with fudge swirls and Oreos. If you do not enjoy taking a walk on the wild side, they offer the classic flavors of vanilla and chocolate, as well. Thing To Know: Some popular matches include the Macapuno, a coconut ice cream, and the pineapple ice cream to create an alcohol-free Pina Colada; the Mexican chocolate flavor with the horchata for a taste trip south of the border; and mix the lychee and green tea flavors for an Asian-inspired treat. | Christina Kharbertyan

Pizza My Heart

Regular pepperoni pizzas get boring after a while and Pizza My Heart comes to the rescue with unique flavors and toppings, a refreshing change to the mundane. Their award-winning pizzas are topped with tasty ingredients such as organic tomato sauce, Portobello mushrooms, ricotta cheese, artichokes, and even apples. Pizza My Heart has many vegetarian options for the eco- and health conscious consumer with toppings so delicious, the meat is not missed. Thing To Know: The pizzas here bear names from classic Santa Cruz landmarks such as Depot Hill with sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, and chicken; Natural Bridges with pesto, ricotta and Roma tomatoes, but without any red sauce; and 38th Avenue Special with spinach, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes & feta cheese. | CK

Felix Kulpa Gallery

Home to your favorite art exhibits, Felix Kulpa Gallery features unique pieces such as ceramic sculptures and abstract paintings. The entrance of the gallery houses astounding sculptures in metals, rock and water. A permanent fixture of the gallery is the collection of fascinating guitars fashioned from skateboards, vacuums and shovels. Thing To Know: Many events are held in the gallery such as poetry readings and exhibition openings. The current exhibit is ceramic sculptures from the studio of Coeleen Kiebert. Artists including Peggy Snider, Sharon Bosley and Kathleen Pouls will be showcasing their work along with a few others. The exhibit deputed on a First Friday, the city’s effort to make Santa Cruz art culture more accessible to all residents. All of the sculptures revolve around a common theme and the title of the exhibit, One’s Own Voice. Each piece focuses on translating the artist’s personal imagery and manners of self expression into artwork made of clay. 107 Elm St., Santa Cruz, (408) 373-2854, | Christina Kharbertyan

Loose Cannon Theater

A divergence from the typical dinner and a movie night, seeing an improvisation show entices laughter while releasing feel-good hormones. Loose Cannon Theater has perfected the improv show by creating unique characters, exciting actions, hilarious dialogue, sensational sound effects and original songs spontaneously. Dixie Cox and Clifford Henderson founded the Fun Institute in 1997, which is stationed at the Broadway Playhouse. The troupe provides entertaining shows like their most recent Night Falls which cajoled a never ending amount of laughter and fun, helping to relieve stress and improve moods. The Fun Institute spreads laughter by teaching regular people how to improvise and become funny. Upcoming workshops include a weekend workshop at the Esalen Institute at Big Sur which focuses on teaching its adult students to break out of their narrow-minded “adult” thinking and stretch their sense of self through play and improvisation. Participants will have the chance to break out of their daily routine and try on bigger than life personas and other improv exercises. Thing To Know: Check its Facebook page for updates on upcoming events. | CK

Toadal Fitness

If the French-speaking staff does not give you an incentive to stay and workout, the many enthralling classes will. With five locations in Santa Cruz county, everyone has easy access to a Toadal Fitness gym. Some classes that are offered at Toadal Fitness that are not available at other gyms are Superman, steps, Kick Boe, and Toadal Cross Training. Not only does the gym provide a place for members to exercise, it also helps them lose weight faster by composing eating and meal plans for those who sign up. Thing To Know: All types of memberships are rewarded with free training orientations, which affords them a two-hour training session with one of the personal trainers. | Christina Kharbertyan

Garth Taylor

Garth Taylor’s favorite part of being a Jiu Jitsu instructor is “being able to share the beautiful art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with people.” Taylor has been teaching students for many years, ever since he was at the blue belt level. A seasoned fighter, he has been doing Jiu Jitsu for 16 years and has been a black belt for 10. His most well-known achievements are his title of Black Belt Masters/Seniors World Champion and his fights in Abu Dhabi, a mixed martial arts competition in the United Arab Emirates. The only time he visited Abu Dhabi for a competition in 1999, he won first place. Thing To Know: The reason why he enjoys competing is because “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a mentally and physically demanding sport.”  | CK

Cabrillo College

An extensive class list and affordability make Cabrillo popular in GT’s readers poll. Anyone wanting to expand their horizons can partake in one of many foreign language, horticulture, dance or welding classes. A major multi-million facelift and the new additions to the campus, including the sleek Crocker Theater, certainly make Cabrillo stand out. Thing To Know: Cabrillo’s Corporate Training and “Leadership Academy” have been receiving great attention. | Christina Kharbertyan

Santa Cruz Waves

At first glace, the site seems to be made by wave riders for wave riders, but upon closer inspection, it’s much more. Thing To Know: The masterminds behind this are Tyler, a long-time surfer; Shawn Hatjes, a photographer and photojournalist; Eliza Cole, a journalism and philosophy student; and Bradley King who is passionate about travel, food and art. | CK