10 Things Long Distance Couples Can Do Right Now

Finding ways to be romantic and feel a connection in a long distance relationship is one of the greatest obstacles. While phone calls are enough most of the time, there are some days that call for a little extra effort. Here are 10 things long distance couples can do right now to amp up the romance in their relationship:

Start planning your next trip
Whether it’s next week, next month or next year, your relationship can benefit from having a reunion to look forward to.

Take a kissy-face selfie and text it
Show your partner you’re thinking of them when they’re not there with a cute or sexy picture depicting what you would be doing if you were in the same room.

Watch the same Netlfix show at the same time
Remember how fun it was to talk to your friend on the phone while watching your favorite show? This activity promotes that same feeling of giddy and playful connection, but with a romantic twist.

Jot down 5 things you love or miss about them and mail it
Even something as quick as scribbling down a few bullet points with your feelings will demonstrate intentionality in your relationship.


Make a romantic craft and send it to them
Imagine how loved and surprised your significant other will feel when they receive a package from you, especially one as thoughtful as a gift you made yourself.

Open up a Snap Chat account and use it regularly
We all know why people use Snap Chat; now it’s time to join them and have some fun. For tamer days, use it to give each other a step by step tour of your city.

Message them a link to your favorite song of the moment
Nothing feels as romantic as music sounds. Send your partner a love song to express how you feel about them.

Order cupcakes (or your partner’s favorite food) and have it delivered
It can be cupcakes, pizza, Chinese food or anything else that will brighten up your lover’s day.

Play a multi-player game
They say competition is healthy for a relationship. Put that theory to the test by spending an hour or two playing a multi-player game on the internet. Don’t forget to place bets for an even more rewarding outcome.

Buy a plane ticket
Long distance relationships don’t have to be as complicated or difficult as some make them out to be. All it takes is a plane ticket and a weekend together to reconnect and remind you of the reasons you chose each other in the first place.

Originally published on Examiner.com.

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